Expanding and Upgrading your Specialty Retail Business

Jun 28, 2016

With the demand for unique and specialized inventory, the specialty retail industry is taking off across the country.  Filling a need for niche markets in all different industries, specialty retail caters to a diverse contingent of consumers.  While your business model and product line may be unique, there are business principles and ways to improve that can be implemented throughout the industry, regardless of your focus.  Even if you currently have a loyal following, it’s important that you do not become complacent.  There are many ways you can improve and continue to grow your business.  Here are just a few suggestions for keeping your specialty retail company thriving into the future.

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Fast Funding to Out-Brew the Coffee Competition

Apr 15, 2016

Fast Funding to Out-Brew the Coffee CompetitionIt is becoming increasingly difficult for smaller coffee shops to compete with the larger chains.  There are several key elements that you must implement in order to rise above the challenge.  Specialty services that are offered at larger chains are a must for the smaller shops.  There are some advantages when it comes to being a privately owned business. You can offer more individualized services and also adjust your plan rapidly according to your customer base. 

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9 Ways for Small Business Owners to Relieve Stress

Mar 14, 2016

9 Ways for Small Business Owners to Relieve StressAs a business owner it's often hard to separate yourself from the worries of what needs to be done. Here's 9 suggestions to help you relieve the day to day stress of owning a business. 

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Should You Upgrade Your Technology With a Business Cash Advance?

Mar 4, 2016

Should You Upgrade Your Technology With a Business Cash Advance?Technology upgrades can be expensive and time-consuming. For many businesses, though, they are necessary either to streamline and grow the business or to keep up with advancing systems. If some businesses don't keep up with technology, owners may find their businesses marginalized or may find profitability a great deal harder to maintain in order to grow the business.

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Why Wait? Expand Your Business Reach With a Merchant Cash Advance

Feb 17, 2016

Why Wait? Expand Your Business Reach With a Merchant Cash AdvanceThere are two main ways to expand a small business as far as finances go. The first is to invest money up front for office and/or retail space, staff, marketing, and inventory. The second is to bootstrap it - to invest minimally, then use the money form sales to keep things going and build.

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