2020 Restaurant Trends

Feb 4, 2020

2020 Restaurant TrendsWe have a lot of things to be on the lookout for when we welcome the new decade into your restaurant. With that being said I will highlight some trends that you and your restaurant will need to be thinking about and how you can make appropriate changes to stay competitive as well as relevant with the times. Here are five trends you and your company need to be ready for.

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How Restaurants Can Attract New Customers

Oct 18, 2017

How Restaurants Can Attract New CustomersRestaurant owners need to continuously come up with new ideas to drive revenue and keep their establishment relevant. This, along with a multitude of other tasks, comes along with actually running the business. Utilizing technology and well-planned events, you can turn your location into a hub for your target audience. Here are a few ways you can attract new customers and increase revenue.

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How Millennials Choose To Eat Green

Sep 6, 2016

How Millennials Choose To Eat GreenThe millennial generation has taken the biggest interest in environmental concerns since the generations of the 60’s and 70’s.  With the population growing exponentially the impact on the environment has been well documented.  Millennials have taken the initiative to decrease their carbon footprint and limit their impact on the environment.  Most people understand the benefits of eating right, however, many don’t realize the effect our eating habits have on the health of the earth.  There are many ways the younger generations are trying to preserve the environment.  Those in the food industry will be smart to take notice of these habits and capitalize on the current trends to grow your restaurant business.

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