Taking Your Grooming Business Mobile

Aug 28, 2019

Taking Your Grooming Business MobileIf you could gain a larger customer base by offering a service that simplified the lives of your busy customers would you do it? Offering mobile grooming is a great addition to an established pet grooming salon. There are a few considerations to be made before taking the leap and offering this type of service.

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Grow Your Business with the Help of Halloween Marketing

Aug 30, 2016

Small Business Halloween Marketing IdeasHalloween is a time for creativity and fun.  Small businesses are smart to take advantage of this growth opportunity to bring in customers and increase revenue.  Holidays represent a great time to run promotions, host special events and grow your business.  There are lots of things you can do to bring in and entertain children and adults.  This time of year also presents opportunities to expand your reach through branded items.  With advances in technology there are more ways than ever to capitalize on the holiday season.  Here we’ve compiled some great ways to market your business during Halloween.

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Mobilizing your Salon

Mar 2, 2016

Mobilizing your SalonOnce upon a time, you could have almost any service arrive at your doorstep.  From the milkman to the paperboy, many of these services have faded away.  One industry that is beginning to capitalize on the direct to customer trend is the salon business.  Mobile salons are the latest craze in several parts of the country and are becoming more common as the business proves to be very profitable.  As an extension to your store front, enabling your salon to travel can put you on the cutting edge of the industry.

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Growth Opportunities for Specialty Retail

Jan 25, 2016

Growth Opportunities for Specialty Retail To achieve long-term success, specialty retailers have to utilize innovation and creativity when encouraging customers to purchase from their stores over the “big box” retailers. It takes a targeted and successful marketing campaign to convey your brand message and create a loyal customer base. You want people to think of your company first as providing the best quality and service for the product that they seek. It is easy for vendors who sell a wide array of different types of merchandise to attract customers with the allure of convenience. However, it is not easy to specialize when you have so many product lines in your offering. Customers do recognize this difference and will often times pay a higher price to visit a specialty store but have a better chance of finding exactly what they are looking for.

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