Loyal Customers Are The Life Blood Of Small Business

Mar 22, 2017

Loyal Customers Are The Life Blood Of Small BusinessRepeat business is what fuels the bottom line so ensuring your customers are satisfied with every visit and purchase is vital to small business success.  It’s important to realize that every customer experience needs to be treated with care.  With information becoming so easily available online it opens your business up for increased exposure as well as criticism.  For a fledgling business, just one bad review could mean a significant drop in revenue.  There are many aspects of great customer service and it is necessary to train your staff to handle any situation.  Here are some of the key ingredients of quality customer service.

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Small Business Tips For Retaining Customers

Oct 25, 2016

Small Business Tips For Retaining CustomersSo much attention is placed upon bringing in new customers these days that strategies to retain current customers have fallen by the wayside.  Most small business owners would agree that loyal customers are what fuel their bottom line, so it goes without saying that developing relationships with potential long term customers can significantly impact your revenue.  Utilizing strategies to create customer loyalty and improve the image of your brand is a worthwhile venture that can provide your business with steady long term income.    While bringing in new customers should always be part of your plan, maintaining those that have already displayed a fondness for your wares is equally, if not more, important.  Repeat customers become evangelists for your brand thus providing you with invaluable word of mouth advertising.  A loyal customer base also brings about the perception of quality which can impact how potential customers view your brand.

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7 Ways To Improve Employee Morale

May 24, 2016

7 Ways To Improve Employee MoraleEmployee morale plays a key part in the longevity of any business. As the saying goes, happy employees make happy customers.  The recruiting and hiring process can be a costly one.  Ensuring that your employees are happy will help with retention and save you money in the long run.  There are many ways you can boost morale.  Getting to know your workforce and what makes them tick is key in identifying what will work for your company.  Some morale boosters will only last a day, however, you will want to incorporate things that will continuously keep morale high.

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How a Pet Friendly Environment Benefits your Business

Apr 12, 2016

How a Pet Friendly Environment Benefits your BusinessFrom bringing in new business to employee satisfaction, our furry friends bring several different benefits to the business world.  Some businesses have even started using a pet friendly environment as a core component of their overall business model. 

Improve Employee Morale

Having pets in the office can provide several benefits to your business.  Studies have shown that pets can reduce stress levels and, in turn, make your employees more productive and even improve customer service.  Pets have been used in the medical industry for decades now as a means to relieve stress, anxiety and high blood pressure.  Employees who bring their pets to work will most likely need to walk them once or twice a day.  The added exercise will also aid in their morale and productivity. 

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