Why Your Restaurant Needs a Food Truck

Feb 12, 2016

Why your restaurant needs a food truckInvesting in a food truck is the perfect way to take your brick and mortar restaurant to the next level and grow your business. 19% of established restaurants say they are very/somewhat likely to launch a food truck within the next two years according to the National Restaurant Association. Between expanding the reach of your brand and providing a less expensive second location, taking your restaurant to the street can add many benefits to your bottom line.  Offering flexible locations and the ability to cater social events, food trucks offer a chance to reach new customers and expand your revenue base.

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How to Cover Your Restaurant Operating Expenses

Jan 28, 2016

How to Cover Your Restaurant Operating ExpensesOwning and operating a restaurant can be one of the most joyous and frustrating types of businesses to run. The National Restaurant Association reports that sales from the restaurant industry top $709 billion but that increase in sales is only about 1.5% when adjusted for inflation. This means that there is plenty of financial opportunity available but you must ensure that you have a rock solid marketing and advertising plan in place to be successful. If you want to surpass the average increase in sales figures, you must be willing to think outside the box and make sure that your income does more than just exceed your operating expenses.

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