Frequently Asked Questions

Is a merchant cash advance a loan?

No. Technically, Quikstone Capital purchases a portion of your future card sales. We provide the merchant with a cash advance, and in return, receive a percentage of your future card sales in return.

After you receive your advance, Quikstone Capital will deduct a percentage from your daily card sales. The payment happens automatically, so there are no monthly billing statements, no invoices, no payment coupons and no checks for you to write.

How much funding can my small business receive?

Funding amounts vary from business to business, but generally Quikstone Capital's merchant cash advances range from $5,000 to $250,000. Find out the funding amount for which your company may qualify with our merchant cash advance calculator.

How can I determine if a cash advance is right for my business?

Businesses of all types and sizes can analyze the return to the business based on the total cost of the investment. To determine if a cash advance is right for your business, determine your return on investment (ROI). Short-term ROI can be calculated with a simple formula: return on investment (%) = net profit/total investment cost x 100.

Here’s an example: Business A takes a $20,000 cash advance which has a total cost of $26,000 and uses the money to add 20 new seats. Those new seats translate to $2,000 more profit a week or $104,000 more profit per year. Using the formula, the net profit is $78,000 ($104,000-26,000). So $78,000/$26,000 = 3.00 x 100 =300%. Business A has a 300% ROI after one year. You can learn more about ROI at

How much of my daily card sales does Quikstone Capital deduct?

Deductions are made based on a fixed percentage of your daily Visa and MasterCard sales. The percent is fixed, but the amount of the payment is not. The amount paid to Quikstone Capital will rise and fall with your daily card sales, giving your business more flexibility than a traditional loan.

I've been turned down for a loan by my bank, will Quikstone Capital be able to help me?

Quikstone Capital often provides cash advances to small businesses that have been turned down by traditional lenders. We are more flexible than banks in terms of the types of business we will work with, the purpose for which the funds will be used, and in some cases, the credit history of the business and the owners of the business.

There are some problems with my credit, can I still get help from Quikstone Capital?

Unlike banks, Quikstone Capital has greater flexibility when it comes to reviewing past credit experience. Past credit problems can typically be overcome by a demonstration of current business strength accompanied by a strong likelihood of continued good business trends. However, we do not enter into transactions with merchants who are currently (or about to become) involved in bankruptcy proceedings.

Are my business plans too unusual for Quikstone Capital?

Quikstone Capital wants your business to succeed. We work hard to understand our client’s underlying business plan and the unique business features. If your plans make good business sense, it's entirely possible that we will be able to fund them.

Can my business keep its current credit card processor?

Possibly, but you may find it more advantageous for your business to switch to one of our processing partners. These partners offer a number of tools to help you manage your business and make more money. To find out if your current credit card processor is compatible with Quikstone Capital, contact us at (866) 456-5638.

What happens if my sales slow down or speed up after funding occurs?

A merchant cash advance is structured to accommodate varying sales. Quikstone Capital’s payment is a fixed percentage of your daily sales, and payment amounts rise and fall with your sales. When sales slow, the dollar amount of the deduction is reduced, while when sales increase, the dollar amount of the deduction is increased.

Why should I go with Quikstone Capital instead of another company?

In an industry where many companies use high-pressure sales tactics and cloud the total costs, Quikstone Capital offers a refreshingly honest and transparent sales approach. Think of Quikstone Capital as your silent business partner. We’ll tell you if the product is right for you, and we’ll work with you to help you maximize the return on your advance, so you can increase sales and profits. We don’t have application, origination or other hidden fees. We invite you to compare our two page contract to competitors’ contracts – often 5 or more pages.

Is this a one-time only program?

More than 60 percent of our customers repeat transactions with Quikstone Capital. In fact, the customers who have tested the competition usually return to Quikstone Capital because of our honest approach. Growing your business is our business, and we’re happy to provide repeat transactions.

The interest rate seems high.

This is not a loan and there is no interest rate; we are a factoring company. If you compare our cash advance to a fixed rate commercial or SBA loan for an average of 5-6 years, we are actually charging you less. Further, SBA and Commercial loans are very difficult to obtain, they can take up to 2 months to fund, they show up on your credit report, they are very long-term commitments and most importantly, they ask for collateral. Most cash advances are approved within a week’s time giving you the cash you need now, have a 6-8 month commitment, no collateral is required, high approval rate, and we get paid only when you get paid. Most loans require a fixed monthly payment. Quikstone Capital collection amounts fluctuate based on your sales volume. This percentage-based collection policy allows the advance to support your business’ success rather than drain its funds.

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