10 Jokes Auto Shop Owners Will Love

Posted by Karen Erdelac on Jun 1, 2018

10 Jokes Auto Shop Owners Will LoveWorking on cars while trying to run a business is reality for many auto repair shop owners.  Taking some time out of the day to laugh is important and will help keep yourself in the right mindset to grow your business.  Here we’ve compiled 10 jokes all auto shop owners will relate to.


1. A guy walks into an auto shop and says, "I'd like a gas cap for my KIA."

The car mechanic thinks for a few seconds then says, "Ok, that seems like a fair trade." - Unijokes


2. A man applies for a job as mechanic. The boss says, "Can you roll your hard hat down your arm and pop it back on your head?"

The mechanic nods, confused.

"Can you play lightsaber with your wrench and another man's screwdriver?"

"Oh yes," says the mechanic.

"Can you bounce your screwdriver off the cement, grab it, whirl it around and put it in your belt like a gun?"

"Sir, I've been doing that for years!" says the wanna-be mechanic.

"Well in that case, I can't use you. I have 12 men doing that already!" says the boss. – NMU


3. So a jumper cable goes into a bar and the bartender says," I'll serve you, but don't start anything."  - Jokes 4 Us


4. With the rise of self-driving vehicles, it's only a matter of time before we get a country song where a guy's truck leaves him too. – One Line Fun


5. Two fish are sitting in a tank. One looks over at the other and says: "Hey, do you know how to drive this thing?" – One Line Fun


6. Why did the truck driver drive his truck off the cliff? He wanted to try out the air brakes. – Mechanics Hub


10 Jokes Auto Shop Owners Will Love7. One day, a mechanic was working late under a car and some brake fluid dripped into his mouth. “Wow! That stuff isn’t too bad tasting,” he thought. The next day, he told his buddy about tasting the brake fluid, and that he was drinking a cup with lunch.

His friend was a little concerned but didn’t say anything. The next day, he decided to drink a pint. The day after that, he was up to a full bottle’s worth. His friend was now really worried. ”You know, that brake fluid is poison and really bad for you. You better stop drinking that stuff!”

“Hey, no problem,” he said. “I can stop any time!” – Mechanics Hub


8. One of my first assignments as a trainee in an auto-body shop was a car needing a new fender and some door repairs. I spent hours doing a perfect job, but when the owner came to pick it up, he wasn't pleased. "What's wrong?" I asked. Pointing to the side of the car, he complained about the paint not matching, uneven gaps between panels, and a host of other problems. He demanded an explanation. "The repairs I made," I noted, "were to the other side." - Becquet


9. Hydraulic Floor Jack: Used for lowering a Mustang to the ground after you have installed a set of Ford Motorsports lowered road springs, trappng the jack handle firmly under the front air dam. – Swap Meet Dave


10. A teenage boy tells his father, "Dad, there's trouble with the car, it has water in the carburetor." The father looks confused and says, "Water in the carburetor, that's ridiculous!" But the son insists. "I tell you, the car has water in the carburetor."

His father, starting to get a little nervous, says "You don't even know what a carburetor is.... but I will check it out. Where is the car?"

"In the pool," replies the son. – Car Talk

Now that you’ve had a chance to laugh, click below to for tips to grow your auto repair business.

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