8 Best Businesses for Merchant Cash Advances

Mar 23, 2016
8 Best Businesses for Merchant Cash AdvancesTo be clear, there are very few businesses that can't benefit from a merchant cash advance. Merchant cash advances offer cash to businesses for renovations, equipment upgrades, or other major expenses that are difficult to pay for all at once. MCAs are easy to get for businesses that qualify, even for some with less than perfect credit.
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How Alternative Funding Can Grow Your Medical Practice

Feb 2, 2016

How Alternative Funding Can Grow Your Medical PracticeMedical practices may not seem like businesses in the traditional sense because they are so focused on serving the needs of patients, but a medical practice that doesn’t make a profit will not be able to keep the doors open and continue operating.

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Running Your Medical Practice Like a Business

Nov 4, 2015

Funding your medical practiceA medical practice is a business, but many doctors don't run their medical practices like businesses since they are so service-oriented. It's easy to lose focus on finances in the midst of patient care and privacy compliance, but a transition to a more businesslike approach will pay off in the long run.

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5 Ways to Grow Your Dental Practice

Jun 23, 2015


Grow your businessIn today’s market, it is important to make sure that your dental practice is experiencing consistent growth. This can be a daunting challenge because patients may be less likely to return to your dental office on a consistent basis. However, it is certainly possible with the right levels of customer satisfaction and a little business ingenuity. To aid in this venture, your dental practice can take advantage of fast funding with a merchant cash advance from a company like Quikstone Capital Solutions. Having access to quick cash can make all the difference in terms of operating as efficiently as possible. The merchant cash advance is paid back from future credit and debit card sales which offer you payment flexibility. We will take a look at several options that you can begin implementing today to ensure that you are on the right path.

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How to Make a Dental Practice Stand Out

Dec 9, 2014

Make a Dental Practice Stand OutThe dental industry remains one of the most competitive businesses in the United States. In every town, there is an abundance of dentists ready to accept new patients and provide them with an array of services. With so many dental practices around, it's important for dentists to stand out. 

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