5 Fun Restaurant Specials For Back to School

Posted by Karen Erdelac on Jul 17, 2019

5 Fun Restaurant Specials For Back to SchoolBack to school offers great revenue opportunities for small businesses, and it’s not just retail, restaurants stand to profit greatly as well. Gearing up a few promotions that fit all education levels as well as teachers and parents can help to cultivate loyal customers for years to come. Here are five fun restaurant specials for back to school.

Kids Loyalty Rewards

Having separate rewards programs aimed at kids can help you to increase your afterschool and weekend foot traffic. Implementing something simple like punch cards that offer a reward after a set number of purchases can keep the kids coming in day after day.

Student ID Discounts

Offering a set discount for those that show their student ID serves to benefit both kids and parents.  You may consider creating a special menu that this discount can be used for in order to avoid cutting too deeply into your profit margins.

College Coupons

When it comes to back to school promotions, you cannot forget about college students. With big appetites and a general lack of home-cooked meals, this audience can generate a ton of revenue for your restaurant. Create coupons and dorm specials and pepper your local campuses with flyers; the effort will be well worth it. All you can eat specials work great with this hungry crowd.

Teacher Appreciation

Teachers are back to school as well, and it’s a good idea to include them in your back to school promotions. For this audience, you can get creative and include specials from your drink menu. You may even consider coming up with a unique cocktail that is teacher or school themed.

Half Price Happy Hour

Find out when the local schools get out and build a happy hour around that time.  Offering half-priced appetizers and entrees can help to alleviate the financial burden of parents who likely spent a small fortune on school supplies and new clothes. 

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