5 Labor Day Employee Appreciation Ideas For Small Business Owners

Posted by Karen Erdelac on Aug 30, 2019

5 Labor Day Employee Appreciation Ideas For Small Business OwnersLabor Day is a celebration of our country’s tremendously hard workers. Your employees are what keep your small business running and showing appreciation for them is key in recruiting and retaining quality personnel. Here are just a few ways you can celebrate your employees this Labor Day.

Throw An Employee Party

Employee parties are one of the most obvious and best ways to build camaraderie between employees and encourage team work. This gives your workers the chance to get to know their colleagues on a personal level and the creative benefits can be extensive. Productivity and efficiency increase as your team becomes more cohesive, and a well thought out Labor Day party can do just that. If this is planned during business hours you’ll want to ensure the time is paid. If it’s happening outside of that time make certain your plans encourage everyone’s participation

Give Out Free Gym Memberships

The benefits of having a healthy workforce are well documented. Healthier employees take fewer sick days, have greater productivity and reduce insurance costs. Partnering with a local gym to provide your employees with complimentary or discounted memberships can make a great Labor Day gift.  his type of gift is an investment in your company. With tax benefits also associated with giving away gym memberships, this is a worthwhile investment for your business and shows your employees you care about their well-being.

Distribute Gift Cards

This is one of the favorite gifts an employee can receive and it provides the opportunity for your workers to get something they want or may need in time for the holidays. A gift card could be used for dinners, gifts or other expenses and can relieve some of the financial pressure your team may be experiencing. Be sure to give out cards that can be used anywhere so there’s no limit to their use. A uniform gift amount should be given to each employee, regardless of position.

Organize A Company Outing

If your company has had a great year you have your employees to thank. The reward for maximizing profits should be shared with them and a company outing can create lasting memories and improve company morale. Something that is fun for everyone and all-inclusive is the goal of this reward.  These can include company picnics, museum trips or anything else that will bring your team together. You may even consider having your workers suggest and vote on your trip’s itinerary.

Purchase New Equipment & Supplies

This is another way to show appreciation that can be mutually beneficial. Updating your equipment and stocking up on supplies can be a necessary expense. Utilizing this opportunity to provide your employees with things that make their job easier is a great way to celebrate Labor Day in an efficient manner. Ask your employees what they need to do their job more efficiently and make sure they understand you are willing to invest in their future in your company.

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