5 Small Business Saturday Promotions For Auto Repair Shops

Posted by Karen Erdelac on Oct 11, 2021

5 Small Business Saturday Promotions For Auto Repair ShopsMost people associate Small Business Saturday with the retail industry, but there are ample opportunities for auto repair shops to reap the benefits as well. Getting involved with your local community and launching a marketing campaign can help you get the word out about your promotions, but what exactly should you promote? Here we take a look at five Small Business Saturday promotions for auto repair shops.

Discounted Oil Changes

This is the go-to promotion for most auto repair shops, and with good reason. Regardless of how new or good running a vehicle is, everyone needs to get regular oil changes. Offering a discount, two for one, or even a free oil change when a client has another repair can bring in customers by the droves. A promotion where a customer pays full price for an oil change but receives a coupon for a free one in the future can also be effective and create repeat business.

Free Windshield Wipers

This may seem like a small item, but with winter right around the corner, it is a nice giveaway for those who come in and purchase another service. For those who do not wish to switch their wipers out right away, offer them a coupon to do so in the future. Make sure the wipers you’re giving away are quality and, at the very least, match the price range of what the customer currently has on their vehicle.

Gift Cards For Future Repairs

Offering gift cards that are loaded up with a percentage of a purchase the customer makes on Small Business Saturday will get the ball rolling on creating customer loyalty. You may even consider handing out some of your gift cards to other local businesses to increase the reach of your promotion. Offer to do the same for them and find a way to make it a cross-promotional campaign. Partnering with other local businesses is essential to SBS success.

Customer Rewards

If you already have a rewards program, this is a great time to give an added bonus to your loyal customers. This may come in the form of additional discounts or points bonuses, depending on how your system works. If you don’t have a rewards program, Small Business Saturday makes an ideal time to launch one as you’ll have active promotions that will ideally bring in lots of customers.

Discounted Tires

The timing of Small Business Saturday just prior to the winter season makes it an ideal time to offer a discount on tires. This could be a buy three get one free deal or simply adding free hazard protection for anyone who purchases a full set. Rotations and alignments can also be offered at a discount for those that purchase another product or service.

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