5 Small Business Saturday Restaurant Promotional Ideas

Posted by Karen Erdelac on Sep 23, 2020

5 Small Business Saturday Restaurant Promotional IdeasSmall Business Saturday is typically focused on the retail industry, but restaurants can certainly profit from it as well. The key is to come up with a few unique and valuable promotions that entice people to visit your restaurant during the holidays and beyond. Here are five Small Business Saturday promotional ideas for your restaurant in 2020.

Pre-Made To-Go Lunches

As consumers are working their way through their holiday shopping lists, they will likely need a quick energy boost to power them through the day. Offering pre-made to-go lunches can be a great way to boost revenue without the need for packing people into your restaurant. These lunches should come in quality containers and be comprised of easily portable foods.

Social Media Photo Contest

Social media is going to be an essential component in your Small Business Saturday promotions. Finding fun ways to engage your audience will be key to success. Photo contests are easy to run and can take on a variety of different forms. It could be pet pictures, food pictures, nature pictures or any number of other subjects. Be sure to include valuable prizes for both winners and participants.

Coupons And Gift Cards

Handing out coupons that can be used during the holiday season is a great way to provide value and keep your customers coming back. Gift cards are also great for the holidays and will provide your restaurant with revenue when you need it most, now. Promote your gift cards and coupons through social media as well as through signage in and around your store.

Company Branded Merchandise

T-shirts, coffee mugs, pint glasses and anything else that is useful in everyday life can be branded with your company logo and given away to your customers on Small Business Saturday. These items can help spread the word about your restaurant and keep you at the top of the mind of your current customers.

Complementary Desserts

Giving away free desserts to those who choose to dine in your restaurant is a great way to build relationships and loyalty among your customer base and those who are just visiting for the holiday shopping weekend. Make sure you have enough to make it through the day and that you have options for your pickier eaters.

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