5 Social Media Post Ideas For Salon Owners

Posted by Karen Erdelac on Apr 5, 2021

5 Social Media Post Ideas For Salon OwnersSalons have suffered through some of the lengthiest closings of any industry over the course of the pandemic. Now that things have begun to open back up, salon owners need to focus their attention toward bringing in new customers and welcoming back former clients. Social media is an extremely effective channel for advertising your salon as visual posts tend to be top performers. Here we take a look at five social media post ideas for salon owners.

Demonstration Videos

Demonstrations of your various services can make for extremely popular content through social channels. Videos of new cuts, styles and colors can garner a great deal of attention, helping you to build your following and engage your audience. Get permission from the client you’re working on to post a video of the process and encourage them to share it with their followers. You may consider offering them an incentive for doing so as well.

Before And After Photos

Before and after photos are extremely popular in the beauty industry, and showing off the transformations that your team is able to pull off can be a great way to get new clients in the door. Always include multiple before and after shots from a variety of angles as well as a description on the work performed and the products you used.

Beauty Tips

Everyone loves beauty tips from the experts and this is a chance to show off your knowledge and expertise in your industry. Some salon owners hesitate to put this kind of information out to the public as it may reveal trade secrets. However, being helpful and providing value without an expectation of something in return is one of the most effective marketing techniques you can use.

Product Spotlights

Highlighting the retail products that you carry and their uses can be a great way to encourage upsells to those that do decide to visit your store. Additionally, if you’ve taken the initiative to set up an online store during the pandemic like many salon owners have, this can serve as a great advertisement for it.

Health And Wellness Articles

Many of those who follow salons and beauty publications are equally interested in health and wellness. Posting articles that highlight the impact your diet and exercise can have on beauty is a great way to bring in a more diverse following. You may even consider starting to carry certain products in your salon that promote health and beauty.

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