5 Spring Break Tips For Restaurant Owners 2021

Posted by Karen Erdelac on Mar 5, 2021

5 Spring Break Tips For Restaurant Owners 2021Spring break is here and while travel may be a bit limited this year, there are still ample opportunities to profit from this fun time. For restaurants in tourist areas, this is an extremely important time of year. The hope is enough people make their way out to support local restaurants despite the restrictions. Turning your restaurant into a fun destination is key to bringing in guests. Here we take a look at five tips to make your restaurant the place to be this spring break.

Construct A Seasonal Spring Menu

Spring brings with it its own set of flavors and a plethora of fresh produce to inspire new menu creations. Creating seasonal menus is a great way to keep your offerings fresh and take advantage of lower priced inventory. A spring break themed menu that offers easy to transport items and smaller portions will help you to cater to the crowds looking to stay out and about.

Spruce Up Your Outdoor Patio

Outdoor dining has never been more vital to restaurant profitability and revitalizing your patio may be just the thing to bring in foot traffic and keep them there. Putting up some spring break themed decorations, upgrading your entertainment technology, adding seating and even setting up an outdoor bar can all help to attract customers and increase revenue.

Promote Spring Holiday Events

There are several holidays that occur during and around spring break and each one has the potential to be profitable on their own. Running promotions and creating themed events for each of the holidays over the next month will only enhance your chances of bringing in revenue from locals and tourists alike.

Create A Beach Theme

Altering your décor to fit a spring break beach theme is a fun way to create an exciting atmosphere for those looking to live it up for a week or two. Try to incorporate all of the elements you would typically experience at the beach. Beach chairs, towels, blankets, coolers, umbrellas and even sand and water can help create a festive atmosphere.

Hire Quality Entertainment

Lining up some quality entertainment for your spring break celebration is one of the best ways to bring in guests and keep them there for an extended period of time. This could mean musical acts, magicians, fireworks, contests, raffles and games. Anything that will engage your guests and ensure they’re having fun will keep them at your establishment spending money.

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