5 Thank You Letters For Customers And Employees

Posted by Karen Erdelac on Apr 30, 2019

5 Thank You Letters For Customers And EmployeesSmall businesses face many challenges when it comes to attracting and retaining both customers and employees.  One extremely underestimated and effective tool that can have an impact is the thank you letter.  Something as simple as a personalized note to your prospects, customers, employees or potential hires can make a big difference in how they view your company.  These letters make your business memorable and influence both employment and purchase decisions.  Here are five examples to get you started.

Customer Appreciation

Acknowledging that you appreciate your customer’s business is one of the best ways to create loyalty.  A letter that thanks them for a specific purchase and contains a special offer for similar or complementary items will encourage them to come back.  These letters should be sent promptly and be personalized to your customer and their purchase.  Customer appreciation letters can also be sent on a large-scale basis to promote a special only available to current or past customers.

Employee Recognition

Nothing beats a personal note from your boss recognizing you for a job well done.  Employees who feel appreciated tend to be more reliable, productive and have a better attitude towards work.  This helps to create loyal employees and will have a trickle down effect on the rest of your staff as well as your customers.  These letters can be sent to recognize hitting a certain sales goal, flawless attendance or displaying a willingness to go above and beyond their job description.  As the saying goes, customers will never love a business until the employees do. 

Events And Holidays

Sending out an electronic holiday card to convey best wishes and holiday greetings is a nice way to show your appreciation for your customers and help to promote holiday sales or events.  It is important with these types of emails that you know your customer base as to ensure you do not offend anyone.  You can also use these to thank your customers for attending an event you’ve already held.  This will make the experience more memorable, and with the right offer included, you can get them back to your business more quickly.


Networking and establishing strategic partnerships play a vital role in the success and longevity of your business.  When meeting other local business owners, whether at events, in public or online, sending them an email can help to establish an ongoing relationship.  Partnerships can help you gain exposure, improve word of mouth advertising and even get you discounts on items vital to the operation of your business.  Nurturing these relationships on an ongoing basis can help your business to grow.

Job Interviews

Hiring and retaining staff members for can be particularly challenging for a small business.  In many cases the wages and benefits associated with larger businesses can persuade even your most loyal employees to leave.  This makes it vital that you establish good relationships with your potential hires, even if you don’t end up brining them on as employees.  Sending out a note to each applicant after their interview can help to separate you from the competition simply by conveying the type of culture they are potentially entering into.  In many cases, the culture and ideals of a business can be more persuasive than money or other incentives.

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