5 Ways To Attract Auto Shop Customers With Social Media

Posted by Karen Erdelac on Apr 9, 2019

5 Ways To Attract Auto Shop Customers With Social MediaSocial media has become an important marketing tool across all industries and can be particularly effective for auto shops. Turning your social pages into a hub for car owners and enthusiasts can help drive business and build brand awareness. 


Most successful auto shop promotions start with a discount on a service considered to be regular maintenance. This is a great way to get a customer in the door and to wow them with your service at a discounted rate. Customer loyalty is important in all businesses, but auto repair shops can’t survive without it. These promotions give you an opportunity to delight your current customers and bring in new ones for a great first impression. Including a disclaimer that they mention your ad will help you track your success, but can be a turnoff to some customers. Instead, you can use electronic coupons or provide a section on their paperwork where they can write in a discount code. Analyzing your efforts to see what works best will make your marketing campaigns more efficient and effective.

Cool Car Pics

Images of restored classic cars and the latest high-end models are attention grabbers and will encourage visitors to like and share your posts. If you specialize in restoration or collision damage, displaying your own work is also a good idea. Involve your audience by asking them to submit pictures of their restorations. This can drive an enormous amount of engagement within a community that represents an important vertical for many auto repair shops.

Automotive Tips

Providing useful tips on car care and recommendations for routine maintenance will give your social pages substance and show the customer your willingness to help them. Expert advice is always welcome for the novice mechanic or your average driver. In some cases, these tips may lead to a customer making a repair on their own instead of coming into your shop. This is not a negative. You helped someone fix their car simply by posting to social media. When an issue that is too big for them to handle comes about, they’ll know where to go.

Product/Service Demonstrations

Video has become one of the most effective ways to market on social media. Consider outsourcing the filming and editing of your videos to a reputable company. This will add a touch of professionalism and ensure your vision is well represented. The focus of your videos should be education, entertainment and engagement. If you give your customers something of value that keeps their attention, they are likely to share that video with their connections. Word of mouth advertising has long been essential to auto repair shops, and demonstration videos are a great way to encourage it. Visual content can increase the reach of your social media content and improve brand recognition.

Buyer's Guides

Buying a new car can be nerve racking, and while you may not sell vehicles at your auto repair shop, you can still benefit from helping others make purchasing decisions. Few professions require more knowledge of used cars than that of an auto mechanic. There are likely hundreds of suggestions you and your team could assemble into useful buyer’s guides. When a consumer makes a purchase by using your approach, you have a very good chance of landing them as a customer for their repair needs in the future. Even if you decide not to write your own, directing them to a reputable used car buyer’s guide online can still help your cause.

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