5 Ways To Increase Small Business Saturday Profits At Your Auto Repair Shop

Posted by Karen Erdelac on Oct 2, 2019

5 Ways To Increase Small Business Saturday Profits At Your Auto Repair ShopSmall Business Saturday isn’t just for retail stores.  Auto repair shops can join in the action and profit as well. You just need to come up with some unique promotions to drive customers toward your shop. Here are five ideas to get you started.

Host A Classic Car Show

Restored classic cars are eye catching and can help to draw in a crowd. Using your lot to display a few classics will draw attention to your shop and give customers something fun to do while they wait for their repairs. They can also give you loads of visual content that can be used for social media promotions. While this may not work as a stand-alone promotion, it will complement the Small Business Saturday deals that you’re offering.

Offer Discounted Oil Changes

Discounting oil changes has long been a great way for auto repair shops to bring in new customers and upsell additional services. Offering a discount or even a free gift such as new windshield wipers or air filters is a relatively inexpensive way to establish a relationship with your customers and keep them coming back for years to come. Be sure to run the numbers to ensure you’re not losing money, but keep in mind the aim here is to build customer loyalty.

Have A Barbecue

Food always helps to get people’s attention. Hosting a barbecue that customers can enjoy will help to breed customer loyalty and establish relationships. As the owner you should be the host and mingle with the crowd. Go a step further and include live entertainment. The idea here is to get people to stop by even if they don’t have a pressing repair need. Encourage those that show up for the barbecue to get a discounted oil change or other regular maintenance.

Set Up A Free Car Wash

Everyone loves a free car wash. This can be a great draw as well as an opportunity to collaborate with community organizations. Local schools or sports leagues may be willing to run the car wash in exchange for a place to collect donations. Not only will this help to bring in customers, it will establish you as a leader in your community. This can provide benefits to your business for years to come.

Offer Vehicle Maintenance Classes

Educating your customers on basic vehicle maintenance and diagnostics is a great way to breed future business. Offering a few half hour classes throughout the day will help keep customers occupied during their repairs and draw in those looking to gain basic maintenance knowledge. This way, when something goes wrong that they can’t fix on their own, they will think of your company.

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