5 Ways To Promote Your Small Business Saturday Deals

Posted by Karen Erdelac on Oct 28, 2019

5 Ways To Promote Your Small Business Saturday DealsSmall business Saturday has the potential to bring in a great deal of revenue for your business, provided your sales have been promoted correctly. Simply having a sale is not enough. You need to invest in spreading the word. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Social Media Marketing

There are a variety of different ways you can promote your small business Saturday deals through social media. Creating a few different digital flyers that can be distributed through your company pages, employee profiles and group posts is a good first step. Offering additional discounts to those that like or follow your page can help spread the word as well as increase your online following.  “Social media only” deals are especially effective for this. Visual content rules social media, so if the budget allows, you’ll want to create videos, infographics and memes to help promote your sales.

Email Marketing

Email is still a very effective means of reaching your audience. Creating a few promotional emails that highlight the different sales you’ll be having and sending them each week leading up to small business Saturday will help to drive traffic to your store. Including coupons or discount codes will increase the number of people that open your email and encourage them to share it with their friends and family. Links to your website and social media pages should be included as well.

Flyers And Direct Mail

This is one of the more traditional routes to go when promoting your sales, but it is still effective.  Highlighting your sales, including coupons and high-quality images will help to ensure your flyers don’t end up in the trash. Flyers can also be placed on community bulletin boards and within schools to help spread the word. Purchasing placement in your local paper can also be very effective.

In-Store Signage

Make sure anyone that visits your store in the days and weeks leading up to small business Saturday is aware of the deals you’ll be offering. A few signs in the window as well as throughout your store will help to bring awareness to your sales. It may come as a surprise, but signage within your restrooms can be especially effective as you’ll often have a captive audience.

Networking Events

To be clear, any event can be a networking event. Whether it’s a local sporting event, chamber of commerce meeting or school sponsored event, there is an excellent opportunity to meet with potential customers face to face. Rather than using traditional flyers, you may consider printing up some business cards that specifically detail your small business Saturday sales.  Making that card a coupon can make this tactic even more effective.

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