5 Ways Your Salon Can Bounce Back From 2020

Posted by Karen Erdelac on Feb 26, 2021

5 Ways Your Salon Can Bounce Back From 2020Last year was a tough one for small businesses to say the least. Service focused businesses such as salons were hit particularly hard due to government mandated shut downs and those that have survived are looking for ways to generate additional revenue to make up for it.

Diversify Your Services

There are a wide variety of services that salons can offer to their customers aside from haircuts and styling. Nails, massage, eyebrows and skincare treatments can all bring in a great deal of revenue and help you to increase how much each customer spends at your establishment. Becoming more of a one stop shop for beauty needs can separate you from the competition.

Offer Unique And Popular Retail Products

Retail items can be a great way for salons to bring in additional income and gives them an opportunity to capitalize on the ecommerce craze. Offering unique and popular items in your store and online can expand your customer base and gives you another revenue stream that you can rely on when offering services is not enough, or even possible.

Invest In Digital Marketing Campaigns

While word of mouth advertising has long been the key to salon marketing, these days that word of mouth is being generated on social media platforms. Demo videos, beauty and healthcare tips, makeup tutorials and before and after photos can drive engagement on your social pages, promote your products and increase brand awareness.

Implement A Customer Rewards Program

A well thought out customer rewards program can develop loyalty and help to get clients back in the door more often. Membership should be offered to each customer as they come in. Sending out personalized emails that offer members discounts and services that align with previous purchases will provide your clients true value and help build relationships.

Create Bundled Beauty Packages

Bundling your products and services into packages of complementary items can help to increase sales and clear inventory. Bundles that offer a small discount on each of the individual items provide value to customers and can get them hooked on products or services they may have never tried if not for your bundled offer.

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