A FinServ Company Focused On Helping Your Franchise Grow

Posted by Karen Erdelac on Aug 25, 2020

A FinServ Company Focused On Helping Your Franchise GrowThroughout these tough times, Quikstone Capital Solutions has continued to support hardworking businesses across the country with fast, and flexible working capital. Unlike other funders who have shut down their operations during the pandemic, Quikstone has never stopped working with our merchants. Now that traditional bank lending, especially to restaurants, has become difficult if not impossible to obtain, we want your franchisees to know that we are here and ready to help.

For the past 15 years, more than 10,000 merchants have grown their businesses with capital from Quikstone. We consistently receive an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and we're proud of the fact that nearly 80 percent of our merchants are repeat customers. That is one of the highest renewal rates in the industry.

Why Choose Quikstone?

When businesses have an immediate need for capital, they turn to Quikstone.

At Quikstone, a real person looks at each file to determine the best deal for the merchant. We make it easier for entrepreneurs to access the funding they need. After all, we’re in the business of helping businesses make money.

“Quikstone Capital provides a creative financing tool that actually allows franchise operators to grow.” Mike R., a multi-unit Domino's operator with over 20 years as a franchisee, understands the value of Quikstone’s financing in successfully scaling a franchise. He used our finance model to scale his franchise from 2 units into 60+.

“Traditional financing caps your growth and locks you into that size for years. In contrast, Quikstone has a product that allows operators to acquire income-producing assets that can pay for themselves quickly, without adding partners that you can never get rid of!" Merchants can use Quikstone's working capital for just about any business need.

With Quikstone, your franchisees can quickly grow their operations organically. They can leverage existing unit sales to fund a new site. They can use our funding for POS purchases, COVID retrofits, marketing campaigns, kitchen equipment, patio extensions, and more.

Applying For A Merchant Capital Advance From Quikstone Is Easy, Fast And Flexible

  • There’s a short application, no application fees, or hidden costs.
  • Approval is provided in 24 hours, with funds deposited in the merchant's bank account in two    to five business days.
  • Funding amounts range from $5,000 to $250,000.
  • Payment is automatic and flexible. It's a small portion of daily credit card sales, and it adjusts with card volume.

Funding From Quikstone Is Reliable

Applying for a traditional loan either from a bank or the SBA can be long and cumbersome process that may take weeks to months. Lack of credit history, poor credit, and the need for collateral often rule out small businesses as good candidates for bank loans. Independent restaurants and now even franchise restaurants suffer from a lack of access to bank financing. Also, banks find making loans in the $20,000 - $50,000 range not profitable in the small merchant business space. As a direct funder, Quikstone can respond to that merchant even if they have been turned down by traditional sources.

Funding From Quikstone Capital Is A Safe Approach To Short Term Capital

Quikstone relies on sales levels to evaluate applicants. Quikstone capital advance amounts typically depend on the average monthly credit card revenue of a business over a six to eight month period. While a commercial loan requires a fixed monthly payment, Quikstone payment amounts are flexible and fluctuate based on the sales volume of credit cards. A Quikstone capital advance is a sales transaction, not a loan, and is not reported to the credit bureaus.

Funding From Quikstone Is Affordable

Paying back funding with Quikstone reduces risk for the merchant during uncertain times. Unlike traditional financing there is no fixed monthly payment. With Quikstone, the payment is flexible, and it adjusts based on daily card sales volume.

How Funding From Quikstone Works

A merchant receives $10,000 with a factor of 1.20 (factors vary based upon the amount, risk, and expected payback time frame). Multiply the $10,000 funding amount by the factor of 1.20, and the remittance would be $12,000. That is the total amount that would be paid back over the months to come.

Depending on processing volume, the remittance percentage deducted from daily credit card sales could be between 3 and 20 percent. For instance, if the merchant had $1,000 in card sales each day, $30 to $200 would go toward the capital advance.

After reviewing that example, the first reaction might be that a merchant cash advance compared to a traditional loan is too expensive. But in comparing a Quikstone capital advance to an SBA loan, Quikstone may be less expensive.

An SBA loan of $10,000 at 12 percent over six years would mean a monthly payment of $196. That amount, over six years, would total $14,076.14. Quikstone's capital advance would actually save a merchant $2,076.14.

At Quikstone, we’re in the business of helping businesses make more money.

Let's Grow Your Franchise!

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