Diversifying Your Bakery Menu

Posted by Karen Erdelac on Jul 9, 2019

Diversifying Your Bakery MenuThe food industry continues to evolved as technology, health trends and tastes change with the times. Diversifying your bakery menu can help to expand your customer base and increase sales.  Here we outline several items to consider adding to your bakery menu.

Unique Custom Beverages

Adding a few unique drinks to your menu can open up a whole new line of income for your bakery. Merely having a variety of beverages for customers to choose from can help your bottom line as drinks tend to have excellent profit margins. To truly create an impression on your customers, consider using your creative side to develop a couple of signature drinks.

Packaged Lunches And Snacks

Consider packaging your bakery items with other complimentary items in sealed to-go containers. Using your fresh bread to make artisanal sandwiches and packaging them along with healthy side items and your signature sweet treats can help you move inventory more quickly and open your patrons up to new tastes. Mixing healthy options with your higher calorie options will make your customers feel less guilty about splurging on sweets.

Wedding Cakes And Pastries

Becoming known for your world-class wedding cakes can bring your revenue stream to a whole new level. People pay through the roof for specialty wedding cakes and putting your own unique artistic touch into your work can set you apart from your competitors. Specializing in wedding cakes places your bakery in a high-end niche and can bring exposure to your brand and other menu items.

Bite-Sized Versions Of Traditional Items

Bite-sized items such as cake pops have exploded over the last few years as health-conscious consumers have lowered their sugar intake. These items allow customers to enjoy gourmet quality bakery items without sacrificing their personal health goals. Bite-sized items not only provide terrific profit margins, they open your bakery up to an ever-growing niche market.

Gluten Free Options

Despite the growing demand there is still a big need for high quality gluten free baked goods. If your bakery can develop some tasty treats that fit into this category you stand to profit greatly. With so few options, becoming a master of gluten free baking can help you reach customers that otherwise could not enjoy your products.

Use Organic Ingredients Exclusively

Many Americans have begun to steer towards foods made with organic ingredients due to their better taste and higher nutritional value. The use of pesticides and GMOs has also contributed to the numbers seeking out organic options. Adopting an organic business model will involve changes in menu, suppliers as well as ingredients. While this can be a timely and costly transition, the organic trend is only going to grow.

Homemade Ice Cream

People love ice cream, especially when it is paired with their favorite cake or pie. Investing in an ice cream machine and developing a few signature recipes can open your bakery up to a whole new market. Fresh ice cream is a big draw and can improve your profit margins on items traditionally sold by themselves. It is far more cost effective to purchase an ice cream machine and having original flavors can give you what all bakeries crave; a popular product that is unique to your store.

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