Ecommerce Strategy For The 2020 Holiday Season

Posted by Karen Erdelac on Nov 9, 2020

Ecommerce Strategy For The 2020 Holiday SeasonEcommerce has exploded over the course of 2020 as many small retail owners have either expanded or initiated their online stores. An enormous portion of holiday shopping will take place online this year and the competition will be fierce. Having a strategy to make your store stand out could make or break your holiday season.

Exclusive Free Shipping Deals

Offering free shipping for everything in your store may help draw in customers, but it can be very costly. Get creative with your free shipping. You can offer it on a certain total order amount, number of products, overstocked inventory, holiday themed items or even in exchange for signing up for your rewards program or following your company on social media. This can increase your average order, help you to move inventory and even improve your visibility online.

Offer Extended Payment Options

Many of us have endured financial difficulties in what has been a very tumultuous year. Offering shoppers the ability to pay over time will be a tremendous draw and a welcomed site to cash strapped consumers. Much like free shipping, your extended payment options should be contingent on total cost and other factors. This can greatly increase your customer base and your average order.

Create Visual Content For Social Media

Visual content dominates social channels and creating a variety of videos, graphics, memes and high-quality images is essential to any marketing plan. Following holiday themes and producing daily pieces will help build awareness around your business and holiday promotions. Not every video needs to be a formal production. Short, informative, fun videos can be great for engagement and building your audience.

Refresh Your Website Content

Any content on your website including product descriptions, blogs and your homepage should be given a holiday theme and a once over prior to the season. Make sure everything is accurate and well written. Including videos on your website is essential since many of your customers have never met you in person. Humanizing your business helps you to build relationships with your customers, which is a must for small businesses.

Develop Bundled Gift Packages

Bundled gift packages offer your customers value, while providing you the benefits of moving inventory and increasing average order. Your packages should include items that complement each other and fit individual demographics. While packaging may not seem like a big deal, putting your items into decorative gift boxes can actually be a major selling point.

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