Halloween Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

Posted by Karen Erdelac on Sep 15, 2020

Halloween Marketing Ideas For Small BusinessesWhile this holiday season is sure to be different than any other we’ve experienced, it doesn’t make it any less important to small business owners. The holiday season typically starts with Halloween. A successful Halloween can set you up for a very profitable holiday season overall. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Branded Merchandise

Handing out branded tote bags, masks and flashlights is a great way to get your brand in front of your local market. High-quality useful items make the best giveaways, as they will keep your company name in front of your customers as well as their friends and family.

Festive Decorations

Halloween decorations will make your storefront stand out and help to draw in foot traffic. Interactive displays will help entertain kids while parents shop. Involve your staff in the decorating to give them a break and allow them to enjoy the holiday. Holidays are a great time for team building and fun tasks like decorating can bring your employees together.

Engaging Contests

There are a myriad of contests you can hold during Halloween that involve both your staff and customers. Costume contests are of course the most popular, but you can also stage contests for best scary story, best Halloween themed dessert and best homemade decoration. Raffles are another great way to engage customers and promote your products and services. While it may be necessary to move your contests online this year, they can still be quite effective.

Customer Gift Packages

Holidays are a great time to say thank you to your best customers and a Halloween gift package can do just that. Include a card, branded merchandise and some high-quality chocolates. Along with showing your appreciation, a well-constructed client gift package will make your brand memorable.

Halloween Cards

Greeting cards can be used in a variety of ways during the holidays. You can send them to current clients with special upsell opportunities. Mass mailers with coupons or gift cards will help you draw in new customers. You can even hand out cards to walk-in customers to give them incentive to spend more in your store.

Discount Costumed Customers

Offering a discount to customers that come in fully adorned in Halloween costuming can open you up to a whole new customer base. These types of contests create a fun atmosphere and buzz around your small business. Make sure you crunch the numbers to ensure you don’t lose money on your promotions.

Community Fundraisers

Holding a Halloween fundraiser that benefits your community or another worthy cause will improve your brand’s image and help you gain exposure to a large customer niche. Partnering with local businesses and organizations will maximize the impact of your event and help to build your professional network.

Upcoming Holiday Promotions

Halloween kicks off the holiday season and offers an opportunity to get an early start on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanza. Starting your promotions at this time allows you to reach a wide range of potential customers and get them thinking about spending money in your store.

Social Media Promotions

Social media has become an essential marketing tool for small business and can be used to spread the word about all of your Halloween promotions. It should also be used to entertain your customers with Halloween stories, jokes and pranks. Promotions and contests that encourage your customers to visit, like and share your social media pages can be a great way to expand your reach.

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