How Our Customers Used Their Business Cash Advances In July

Posted by Karen Erdelac on Aug 16, 2021

How Our Customers Used Their Business Cash Advances In JulyA business cash advance is the ideal product for small business owners who need funding for their business in a timely fashion. Many business expenses simply cannot wait. Traditional bank loans can take months to be approved and require a lengthy repayment period. A business cash advance from Quikstone Capital can be approved within 48 hours, and often, our customers receive their cash within a week. Here we’ve highlighted how several of our small business clients used their advances in July.

$100,000 Liquor Store

A southeast liquor store used a $100,000 business cash advance to make a large inventory purchase. The ability to seize inventory opportunities and keep the shelves stocked during busy times is essential in making your liquor store profitable and reliable.

$32,000 Neighborhood Grocery

A neighborhood grocery store in the northeast used $32,000 to purchase new freezers. Equipment upgrades and repairs need to be made quickly to avoid costly downtime and loss of revenue. A cash advance from Quikstone Capital is typically approved within 48 hours.

$15,000 Tobacco Shop

We funded an additional advance to a tobacco shop in the northeast to finish up a renovation. Keeping your storefront and interior updated is a necessary investment. An eye-catching exterior will help draw in foot traffic, and an appealing interior will keep customers in your store longer.

$25,000 Pizza Shop

An additional advance was approved for a pizza shop in the northeast to fix water damage caused by a leak. Their insurance money could be delayed for weeks. In times of emergency, a business cash advance can help you remain operational with minimal downtime.

$40,000 Salon

Quikstone provided an additional advance to a salon in the northwest for a strategic inventory buy. Having the products you need to create breathtaking styles is a must, and being able to stock a variety of high-end retail products can help increase revenue.

$28,000 Thai Restaurant

We provided a third advance to a Thai restaurant out west to upgrade their AC units. Building upkeep can be costly. Upgrades and maintenance will be needed from time to time. Quikstone is a reliable funding partner that you can count on to be there when you need us.

Quikstone Capital has been in business for more than a decade, and we’re in it for the long haul. We partner with our merchants to achieve success, and their success is a direct reflection on us. Quikstone Capital will never put a merchant in a position to fail under the weight of its own debt.

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