How Pool Service Companies Can Generate More Revenue

Posted by Karen Erdelac on Apr 6, 2017

How Pool Service Companies Can Generate More RevenueAs warmer weather begins to creep in many people start to dust off their pool and spa equipment to get it ready for the summer months.  As a small business owner it’s important to maximize your revenue during peak seasons.  Pool service is a unique industry and it takes a refined business strategy to succeed.  Here we’ve outlined some keys to generating more revenue for your pool and spa service.

Digital Marketing

With the evolution of the internet, it is important for any small business to employ an aggressive online marketing strategy to grow your business.  This is an aspect of marketing that has been largely ignored by the pool industry except in a few small cases.  The reach that a business can have online can far exceed the reach of traditional billboards and print advertisements.  Having a strong online presence can get your company noticed by a much larger cross section of consumers than those companies that only incorporate traditional marketing methods.

Prospects to Target

Determining the prospects you should go after is the first step in increasing your customer base.  Your first target should be existing pool owners who don’t currently have a weekly pool service.  Your next major target should be current pool owners who have a weekly service, but may be looking for a new one.  And lastly, new pool owners that have not yet contracted with a pool service.  All of these demographics represent great opportunities for increased business.

Social Media Presence

Social media has become increasingly important in advertising and promoting your business.  Having a strong presence across all social networks and consistently posting industry related articles and promotions are essential in obtaining and maintaining customers.

Focus on Deliverables

Knowing what your employees are doing while out in the field can be a difficult and time consuming task.  Focusing on what is being delivered and sold to your customers is the best way to track how employees are spending their time.

Up-sell Customers

How Pool Service Companies Can Generate More RevenueYour existing customers represent a huge opportunity for additional revenue.  Ensure your employees are communicating all of the services that your company offers whenever they have the chance.  Send out newsletters and create email campaigns that target this group and highlight everything your company has to offer.

Expand Cleaning Services

Pool cleaning equipment can be expensive.  Expanding your cleaning services to include hot tubs, Jacuzzis and other difficult to clean outdoor spaces is a great way to maximize your return on investment.

Accept Credit Cards

This may go without saying, but there are still a lot of smaller companies that don’t accept card payments.  Having this ability will not only increase your customer base, it will make things more convenient for your current customers.  This also can allow workers to gather payments as soon as a service is ordered or completed, cutting down on days sales outstanding.

Ask For Referrals

If you have loyal customers that have been with you for a long time and you have developed a relationship with, it’s a great idea to ask them to refer your company to friends.  Customers that believe in your business make great salespeople.

Post Cards

Sending postcards to your current customers along with targeting new lists is great marketing. Your post cards could have promotions or specials listed that would draw a customer’s attention to the ad.  Your post cards could also have reminders about recommended recurring maintenance as well.


In order to make money in any business you need to make sure you are sending out invoices so you can collect payment. A good alternative to mailing invoices could be emailing them instead. Doing this also saves you cost in paper and postage. Make sure your due dates of the bill are clear and are what was discussed with the client. Using bookkeeping software is always a good idea to stay on track.

Get Testimonials

On your website it would be great to have customer testimonials as a way to show your worth to potential clients. If you have happy customers talking about their great experience with your service, you would have a better chance of getting new clients that appreciate others opinions.

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