How Small Businesses Can Increase Online Sales

Posted by Karen Erdelac on Dec 19, 2016

How Small Businesses Can Increase Online SalesWith so many sales taking place online these days ecommerce has become an essential part of the success of small businesses.  Owners of companies that have been around for a long time are being forced to adapt to the digital age.  Venturing into ecommerce can be difficult and requires constant attention.  The initial setup of an ecommerce site can be expensive and time consuming so it is imperative that you take steps to maximize your online revenue.  There are several strategies that can be used to increase sales and a holistic approach that includes all of them will improve your chances of reaching the correct audience.  Here we’ve outlined some of the best ways you can draw in more website visitors and create more online sales.


Email campaigns allow you to reach a large number of prospects in a short period of time with targeted messaging.  These campaigns can come in several forms.  You can send a mass email to a large number of prospects that detail the uses and benefits of your products and services.  Nurturing campaigns allow you to reach out to current and past customers to show them additional offerings they may not be aware of and keeps your company on top of their mind.  Email newsletters and blog recap emails will give potential customers insight into new products and the direction of your company.

Social Media

Social media has become instrumental in online sales and offers the best opportunity to increase the reach of your company.  Each social channel offers different ways to reach your customers.  Any content that is published on your website should be promoted through your social pages.  This includes blog posts, product descriptions and press releases.  You should utilize industry relevant groups as well as paid ads to put your products in front of as many potential customers as possible.  Consistent posting and including fun and educational articles outside of your own content will help you come across as more trusted and less self promotional.


How Small Businesses Can Increase Online SalesBlogging is the number one way to drive traffic to your website.  Each blog creates another page for search engines to identify, which increases your SEO.  Blogging is what can set you apart as an industry leader and show expertise in your field.  Statistics have shown that companies that blog 16 times a month will drive 3.5 times the traffic to their sites as opposed to companies that blog between 0-4 times per month.  Your company blog will be the most widely viewed piece of content that your company puts out.  You need to ensure the content you are writing targets your specific buyer personas.  Keeping your content educational rather than self promoting is important in gaining subscribers and drawing in customers.


Video is becoming the most consumed content online and small business owners need to take advantage of it.  There are many different types of marketing videos that can be created including product demonstrations, company overviews and instructional videos.  Sixty percent of consumers prefer video to written blogs. Videos can bring your products to life and also show the human side of your business.  They are also much more likely to be shared throughout social channels which will greatly increase the reach of your content.


Pay per click advertisement is becoming increasingly important in today’s crowded internet.  While some businesses have been reluctant to put up the money for these ads, it's important to note that you are only paying when a potential customer clicks on your ad.  You also have the ability to set a budget so that you avoid using up too many of your marketing dollars on this one tool.  These ads target your specific buyer personas and can be tailored to be delivered more prominently on the platform of your choice, i.e. mobile devices.  Once you have made the decision to participate in PPC, it is important to stay involved and ensure your ads are targeting the correct audience.  Research is important in choosing a PPC agency.  Be sure to select a reputable company to handle your PPC needs to get the best results.

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