How To Create An Authentic Small Business Brand

Posted by Karen Erdelac on Jun 26, 2019

How To Create An Authentic Small Business BrandAuthenticity has become an important selling point in small business, especially among the younger generations. The ability of your brand to connect with its potential customers plays a pivotal role in gaining and maintaining their business. The digital world allows for a myriad of ways to do so.  Here we outline how to display the authenticity of your small business brand.

Show Off Your Personality

Whether it’s through digital means or in person, take every opportunity to put your personality on full display. This means being transparent with the mission and core beliefs of your organization and remaining true to yourself. While you want to remain professional, giving your customers a taste of your personality will allow them to connect with you and your brand on a different level. This can promote word of mouth advertising and customer loyalty.

Use Visual Content

Visual content allows consumers to put a face with the name. Something as simple as posting a picture of your staff to social media pages can help to establish credibility for your organization.  Developing videos that detail the history and mission of your business can make it easier for customers to connect with your brand. That connection is what will keep people coming back for years to come.

Take A Stance On Social Issues

Remaining neutral on social issues may appear to be the safe thing to do, but it can be potentially damaging to your brand. While you want to avoid extremes that may alienate your current customer base, taking a stand for what you believe in can do wonders for the way consumers view your brand. The key here is to choose an issue that you truly believe in and try to make a real difference.

Engage With Your Audience

Because of social media there are many different ways and places that you can engage your prospects and customers. Make sure any questions or complaints are addressed in a timely and professional manner. Creating engaging social media posts, running contests and promoting your brand through your social pages are great ways to drive engagement, but don’t forget the personal touch. Addressing compliments, complaints and concerns on a one on one basis can do wonders for the reputation of your brand.

Have A Mindset Of Innovation

Companies with an eye to the future that create unique products and experiences are generally looked upon as being authentic. When what you offer isn’t available anywhere else, consumers can do nothing but view your company as unique and authentic. And it’s not just your products.  Innovation also pertains to the way you leverage marketing and the customer experience.  Creating a truly unique customer experience and innovative marketing campaigns will go a long way toward developing an authentic small business brand.

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