How to Go Green and Grow your Business

Posted by Karen Erdelac on Apr 28, 2016

How to Go Green and Grow your BusinessThere are several benefits to transitioning your company into a more environmentally friendly green business.  There are also many different ways to make this change.  Starting with some small improvements and gradually moving to bigger initiatives once you’ve discovered what works best for your company is the best way to make a smooth conversion. 

Regular Building Maintenance

Ensuring that your building is updated and not wasting electricity is a great start towards the green movement.  Sealing and insulating heating and cooling ducts can save a significant amount of electricity and can be relatively inexpensive to accomplish.  Changing air filters every 3 months can also have a big impact on energy use.  You’ll want to check your windows and doors to ensure you are not leaking.  If they are you can seal them or make a bigger move towards newer, more energy efficient models.


As obvious as it may seem, recycling is a great way for your business to go green. According to the 2010 AERC How & Why Businesses Recycle Survey, 90 percent of American businesses practice some form of recycling, while 10 percent do not. So, most businesses recycle in some way or another. From the 10 percent that do not, the reasons among them range from cost to the fact it is not state mandated. Slightly more than half (51 percent) of firms that do not recycle say their customers, vendors and employees want them to recycle. Recycling may not bring cash flow into your business directly but it has the potential to raise your bottom line by bringing in customers that appreciate your initiatives. Be sure to display that your business recycles.

Temperature Settings

Temperature settings should generally be kept between 74 and 78 degrees.  “Setting your air conditioners to temperatures within this recommended range will produce an average 4% annual energy savings.” Depending on the size of your building and your hours of operation, this can translate to a significant dollar amount and allow for cash flow flexibility that you never knew you had. 


A lot of energy can be wasted just by leaving appliances or technology on overnight. If in an office setting, be sure that employee’s power down computers at the end of the night and that the lights are off upon exiting the building. For restaurants and companies that rely on technology, this may be a little trickier since there are things that need to stay at certain temperatures. You might be surprised how a few adjustments can save you money.  

Digital Documents

How to Go Green and Grow your BusinessThe reduction of paper use is one of the easiest and most effective ways to go green.  Converting traditional paper documents into digital documents will cut down on waste and reduce your paper costs.  This will also have an impact on your office equipment costs.  An average company spends $200 per person on office supplies per year.  These costs come mostly in the form of notepads, printing paper, pens, staples and paper clips, all of which can be mostly eliminated when you go paperless.

Energy Efficient Equipment

Small changes such as replacing traditional light bulbs with energy efficient ones can save your company hundreds to thousands of dollars in energy costs per year depending on the size of your establishment.  The equipment that you purchase will vary depending on your type of business.  For restaurants, you’ll want to consider replacing refrigerators and freezers with updated energy efficient models.  Bakeries can benefit from newer ovens.  Retail stores can save big on lighting as displays are a prominent part of their business model.  Whatever your business is, looking into Energy Star approved equipment is a big step in your green initiative.

Solar Panels

If you really want to step up your green game, consider purchasing solar panels to power some of your equipment.  Solar panels will pay for themselves over time.  There are also energy companies that will pay consumers for the extra electricity they may have stored.  Some solar incentive programs pay you back over time, based on the energy you generate. Other solar incentives are one-time payments of rebates or credits.

Funding your Green Initiative

Some of the small things you can do to go green can be relatively inexpensive.  However, some of the larger improvements will require a significant upfront cost.  The long term rewards for making these changes can far exceed any expenses you may incur.  Quikstone Capital Solutions provides cash for businesses by leveraging an asset you already have – your monthly Visa and Mastercard sales. Get cash for your business with a Merchant Cash Advance from Quikstone Capital Solutions and grow your business.

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