How To Jumpstart Your Veterinary Practice

Posted by Karen Erdelac on Sep 12, 2016

How To Jumpstart Your Veterinary PracticeAccording to an average full-time veterinarian should generate about 3,200 professional transactions a year.  Many businesses struggle to reach these numbers.  Fortunately, there are many simple steps you can take to draw in new customers, strengthen your relationships with your current clients and have a successful veterinary office. 

Reminder System

Reminder mailings and emails are a great way to develop consistent customers.  With preventative care being so important to the health of pets it’s imperative that you encourage your clients to make regular visits.  Not only is this good for the animal, it’s good for business.  These reminders can be used for vaccinations, regular checkups, grooming services and any specials you offer.

Outreach Program

Developing a strategic outreach program is one of the most effective ways to bring in new business.  Partnering with groomers, pet stores and breeders will give you a chance to meet potential clients face to face and explain the benefits of regular veterinary visits.  Setting up booths where you offer pamphlets, free advice and company branded giveaways will greatly expand the reach of your practice.

Referral System

Setting up a referral rewards system will not only bring in new clients, it will help to create a loyal customer base.  These systems should be set up on tiered levels.  You can start by giving away company branded items and progress to larger ticket items such as pet accessories and discounted services as the referrals continue to come in.  This is a low cost effective way to increase business since most pet owners prefer some level of familiarity when entrusting their pets health to a professional.

Social Media

How To Jumpstart Your Veterinary PracticeSome of the most popular images, videos and posts through social media involve pets.  As a veterinarian it would be wise to take advantage of this.  Including posts that feature some of your fuzzy patients will draw attention to your business.  These posts can be testimonials, informative or even just plain fun.  Images and videos are much more likely to be shared through social channels which will increase your online reach.

Website Upgrades

A properly optimized website can be a potent lead generation tool.  Since most people are now using search engines as their go to for finding products and services, a website upgrade is a worthwhile investment.  If your veterinary service doesn’t currently have a blog it’s time to start one.  Blogs that provide information to your visitors and showcase your expertise can develop trust and confidence in your practice. 


If you’ve been to the doctor recently you’ve noticed that almost everything is electronic these days.  This should be the same for your veterinary practice.  Incorporating an electronic medical records system is one way to improve accuracy and efficiency.  You can also update your computer system with inventory software and even marketing automation software.  These types of upgrades will save you time and show your clients you’re at the cutting edge of your industry.

Product Offerings

Many veterinary offices benefit from retail sales within their office.  There can be significant revenue generated through the sale of pet food and accessories.  These products offer a large profit margin and also a way to encourage clients to visit your office more frequently.  They also offer upsell opportunities for those making a scheduled visit.

Mobile Services

Customer service is becoming increasingly important in an ever growing and competitive industry.  Location can be a huge factor in determining where a pet owner will take their beloved family member.  Being able to make house calls can bring in a whole new customer base and increase your reach exponentially.  Although it is in its early stages, the mobile veterinary business is beginning to gain traction.

Funding Your Jumpstart

Quikstone Capital Solutions provides veterinarians with the means to expand and improve their business.  A merchant cash advance is a great way to fund these improvements.  Since MCA’s are much faster and have fewer qualifiers they are the perfect way to take your veterinary practice to the next level.Apply Now

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