How to Make a Dental Practice Stand Out

Posted by Karen Erdelac on Dec 9, 2014

Make a Dental Practice Stand OutThe dental industry remains one of the most competitive businesses in the United States. In every town, there is an abundance of dentists ready to accept new patients and provide them with an array of services. With so many dental practices around, it's important for dentists to stand out. 

Whether a dental practice is newly established or has been around for several years, it's crucial that each enterprise stays competitive, offers the best customer service and provides impeccable dental care. The simplest details can make a difference, such as a clean facility, a friendly dental assistant, a fast checkout process or a superb cleaning. 

As the economy continues to improve and businesses begin to reinstitute benefits, customers are looking to get their teeth cleaned on a regular basis again. Therefore, it's up to the dental clinic to bring in these prospective clients. At the same time, it's imperative that these same practices take advantage of the various advancements made in dental technology. 

Indeed, it may require an initial investment to remodel the office or purchase new equipment. This is why every dentist should consider a business cash advance to help cover the immediate costs that can lead to greater revenues. 

Here are five measures to make a dental practice stand out.

Effective Staff

Similar to any other industry, customers expect the best service from the company's staff. When it comes to the dental field, patients not only pay to have their teeth examined and cleaned, but they also want a sterilized environment, competent team members, friendly staff and accommodating office that will meet their needs. 

Dental receptionists are the anchors that keep the ships afloat. They produce the schedules, ensure everything is run on time, keep the patients happy when appointments are running late and explain to customers about billing procedures and insurance claims.

Annual training for your staff in customer service and office management can help create environment customers will brag about. 

Computer Equipment & Software

Once the session is complete, patients will visit the receptionist and pay for the services. This must be fast and organized. Unfortunately, if an office still has a decade-old computer and a filing system that is just as old then it's time for the practice to invest in new computers and updated software or database to improve both the office and customer service.

A new point of sale system can streamline accounting, and will create efficient and effective office environment.

Dental Equipment & Tools

Dental clinics must always innovate and keep up with the times. One way to do this is to invest in updated dental equipment, tools and supplies for dental treatments and offer the best possible session.

Computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology can set your practice apart.

Interior Design

Updated interiors give your patients the lasting impression that you care about their comfort. A new carpet, comfortable chairs, welcoming paintings, bright walls and an overall pleasant environment can please patients and encourage them to come back. The most important aspect to this is to keep everything clean and hygienic. 


If your business model is still using the Yellow Pages as an important source of marketing then now is the time to completely revamp your strategy. In today's world of advertising, social media is the primary term. When seeking out new patients, having a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networks is crucial. In addition, search engine optimization is also important because this is how today's clientele discovers dental practices on Google or Bing. 

Well-known dental practices can't remain complacent. Newly established dental clinics can't wait for customers to simply walk in. Both types of businesses must be active in their approach to becoming successful, whether it's a décor makeover, launching a social media campaign or upgrading certain equipment. 

Of course, in today's tough economic times, companies may not have enough business financing. One financial measure to remedy this problem is advance business capital, which can solve short-term financing issues. Don't allow this to hinder your company's long-term success. 

Operating your dental practice shouldn't be like pulling teeth.

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