How To Market Your Bakery To Other Local Businesses

Posted by Karen Erdelac on Oct 9, 2020

How To Market Your Bakery To Other Local BusinessesWhile foot traffic has slowed considerably for most small businesses across the country, there are still several ways for your bakery to gain new revenue. Here we take a look at eight ways your bakery can market to other local businesses.

Holiday Parties

While many companies may be forgoing company holiday parties this year, there are many that will still be holding outdoor events. Social media and email initiatives that target this audience could be very fruitful and help you to build long-term relationships with local businesses.

Holiday Employee Gifts

Many business owners will be looking to show their appreciation toward their staff members this year, as they have likely endured many changes as they try to keep their businesses afloat. What better way, aside from cash, to reward them than with fresh cookies or other high-end baked goods.


Most delis do not bake their own bread and provide a great opportunity to local bakeries to become consistent suppliers for sandwich rolls and pastries. Reaching out to local deli owners and offering to let them sample your breads may open up a new, very consistent revenue stream for your bakery.

Convenience Stores

Most convenience stores now sell coffee and packaged pastries but many of the baked goods could use an upgrade. That’s where your bakery comes in. Partnering with local convenience stores is a mutually beneficial relationship. You get more exposure and shelf space, while they get a portion of the revenue and a new way to draw in customers.

Produce Stands

Produce stands are a great place for larger items such as breads, cakes and pies as well as high end pastries. The people that frequent produce stands generally have a taste for fresh foods, making this the ideal landing spot for your bakery menu items.

Local Businesses

Developing relationships with local business owners can get your foot in the door for any conferences or events they may hold. Offering specials on group orders as well as filling daily orders that businesses use for guests and visitors can provide you continuous revenue throughout the year.


Getting your baked goods on the menu at popular local restaurants can be a financial boon for bakery owners. Not only will you receive revenue from sales at the restaurant, the exposure and advertising you get can drive visitors and sales at your storefront.


Selling baked goods online has become big business in recent years. Setting up an ecommerce store to supplement your traditional sales can bring a significant increase in revenue and possibly establish a completely new business model. Packaging and shipping costs should be taken into account when developing your online pricing structure.


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