How To Welcome Your Salon Customers Back

Posted by Karen Erdelac on May 13, 2020

How To Welcome Your Salon Customers BackThe reopening of salons is highly anticipated and many salon owners are beginning to lay down plans to recommence business. Welcoming back your clients in five-star fashion is a great way to build loyalty and kickstart revenue. Here are three ways to welcome back your salon clients.

Run Social Media Contests

There are so many options here. Visuals are essential in the marketing of a salon business. Running video contests that challenge your followers to create videos of them doing their own hair, make-up or nails and choose winners for a variety of different categories. You are sure to receive some artistic, innovative and funny videos that can be posted to your page for everyone to see. This is a great way to engage with your followers and expand the reach of your messaging. Encourage people to interact in the comments section and get some real conversations going with your clients and potential customers. The prizes you give out should be enticing enough to gain a lot of entries, without jeopardizing your bottom line. 

Deep Clean Your Shop

Running a clean shop is likely to become the most important aspect of owning a salon business.  Hiring a team to perform a deep clean prior to reopening is a wise move for health reasons as well as the look of your shop. Clients may be tentative to visit if you lack a clean appearance, so regular upkeep should be made a priority. Set a clear schedule for daily cleanings and be sure to have all the necessary supplies and tools available to really make your place shine. Offering a relaxing atmosphere is just as important as providing a quality service. Once your shop is clean, you may consider changing up the décor. If you or any of your employees are particularly crafty, encourage them to create something to put on display at your shop. You could even add that to your list of social media contests and involve your followers.

Bundle Your Services

Bundling salon services is a win-win for both your clients and your business. After several weeks of shutdown, your clients are likely to want/need multiple services to begin with. Bundling allows you to increase revenue while providing something valuable to your clients. Set your prices to where you’re still turning a profit while giving your clients what they need at a reasonable rate. Make sure you’re staffed appropriately handle what is sure to be a big demand for your services.


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