Increase Restaurant Revenue With A Tailored Summer Menu

Posted by Karen Erdelac on May 27, 2022

Increase Restaurant Revenue With A Tailored Summer MenuThe summer months can be very profitable for restaurants in popular tourist locations and somewhat tricky for those located in less frequented areas. Increasing restaurant revenue during the summer can give you the cushion to survive the slow winter months and the additional cash flow needed to move your business forward. An investment in your menu is the first step in building your summer restaurant strategy.

Seasonal Menu Redesign

Before diving into pricing, ingredients, or dishes, you should first consider redesigning your menu with the summer season in mind. A simple menu that incorporates color will be visually appealing and easy to digest for tourists and new customers. Clear descriptions of your dishes should be provided, especially for complex, unique, or new items. While you may be incorporating several new dishes, you want to ensure you don’t over-extend your kitchen or overwhelm your customers with too many. This may take some arranging and dropping of less popular dishes or those with ingredients too expensive to turn a profit when purchased in the summer months.

Include Daily Specials

Daily special during the summertime allows you to experiment with new techniques and dishes. Combining traditional summer dishes and seasonal produce will entice new customers and provide something different for your loyal base. Your summer specials should mix popular items with lower profit margins and fresh and unique seasonal dishes that generate more significant revenue. Seizing inventory opportunities is essential to capitalize on your specials. Setting aside the funds needed to purchase seasonal items in bulk is critical in making your menu profitable. 

Add A Frozen Drink Machine

Frozen drink machines are an excellent investment for owners looking to increase restaurant revenue, especially those in warmer climates. Frozen cocktails and non-alcoholic frozen drinks can be a big draw for summer crowds looking to cool down. You’ll want to research which machines will best fit your needs. Keep your customer’s tastes in mind when developing your drink menu. You can use a mix of traditional favorites, your own creations, and even ideas from your customers can be used to personalize your menu. Fresh fruit and other quality ingredients should be used in your beverages, and they also add a nice summer touch as a garnish.

Use Fresh Summer Produce

Several popular items come into season during the summer, and this presents an excellent opportunity to negotiate with suppliers looking to unload inventory. Purchasing in bulk at an already reduced rate can significantly improve your profit margins and allow you greater flexibility with your menu options. This is a practice that should be performed year-round to help better control food costs. 

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