Meet Jason Hausle, Sales Account Executive for Quikstone Capital Solutions

Posted by Karen Erdelac on Oct 14, 2016

Jason_photo.jpgJason has been with Sterling since January 2012. He was born and raised in Buffalo, NY but moved to Florida in late 2009 to escape the snowy winters. He currently lives in Clearwater, FL.

Prior to moving to Florida, Jason earned is Associates of Science Degree in Business Administration. He also worked in varying sales environments and attended sales training. His focus has always been mostly toward financial products, though. Initially, Jason was hired by our sister company, Sterling Payment Technologies to work with merchants on their credit card processing. It just so happened that a sales position came open with Quikstone Capital Solutions and the match was made.

Jason is adept at discussing the cash advance product and enjoys building relationships with merchants where he can help grow their business. Jason says the favorite part about his job is that he works with new clients every day and from all around the country. It is exciting and keeps things interesting. He is direct and honest when he talks about the product and how it can help a merchant increase their business.

Naturally, he is often asked about the cost of the money. Jason explains that each merchant must weigh out their situation and the cash advance product can make sense in many scenarios. "If the return on the cash invested exceeds the cost of the cash advance, then it’s worth it. If a merchant is faced with closing it’s doors for a couple of days due to broken equipment and no cash to repair, the cost of the money is probably less than losing a day or more of business,” he explains. When asked what his proudest moment at Sterling was he said, “each deal, regardless of size, is important to me but I take pride when I am able to close a large and challenging deal."

When asked what is the number one challenge he faces and how does he meet that challenge, Jason replied, "there are many, but one of the biggest is trying to educate business owners on the workings of a merchant cash advance over the phone when they have limited time to talk. I meet the challenge by finding common ground and building quick rapport with my clients. I am usually able to make them feel comfortable enough to find out if our solution will be a fit for them on the first call. This saves everyone time and allows us to proceed in the most efficient manner."

Jason now has a lot of clients that call in to ask advice and discuss funding options. He has built relationships with many merchants over the past four years. Since we are in football season now, he sometimes has an occasional talk about his favorite team, the Miami Dolphins. He also likes basketball and hockey – namely the Buffalo Sabres. Jason is also an exotic sports car enthusiast and has attended many car shows in the southeast region. Several of his coworkers have called on his sales savvy and auto knowledge to help them shop for a new vehicle. He is always happy to lend a hand.

Topics: Funding Your Business, Growing Your Business