Mobile devices are being used more often - and by younger individuals

Posted by Karen Erdelac on Nov 3, 2013

The amount of individuals making use of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones has skyrocketed in the past few years. Now, it's been reported that individuals are beginning to make use of the devices from a much younger age - illustrating the need for companies to ensure their products are available for purchase through mobile credit card processing applications. 

The amount of individuals using mobile devices at a young age - below 8 years old - is rising significantly. The number of individuals in this demographic with access to a mobile device has risen to 75 percent, according to a report from Common Sense Media. During the last such poll, only 52 percent of children under the age of 8 were reported as having access to a mobile device - illustrating the high levels of market penetration the devices will maintain when these users grow up.

Mobile devices are now the primary screen for many individuals
While many companies regard mobile as a small part of their marketing strategy, these findings suggest that they should consider it a top priority - perhaps as the cornerstone of their outlet. Another recent report, published by Weve, stated that mobile devices had eclipsed televisions as the primary "screen" for younger consumers - again displaying a necessity for e-commerce companies and other retailers to list their products through branded smartphone applications and accept payments through credit card mobile processing terminals. 

Weve found that more than 45 percent of individuals between the age of 18 and 34 cite their mobile device as their primary and most important "screen." Additionally, the same percentage of users in that demographic turn to their mobile device before anything else in order to interact with online content, showing the need for all advertising and marketing attempts to be successfully translated to smartphones and tablets. 

"The rise in importance of mobile is well-documented, but this research shows the true extent of consumers' changing relationship with the devices in their pockets," said David Sear, the CEO of Weve. "Today, over 32 percent of our 20-million, opted-in customer base are actively using their mobile as their first screen and most importantly going online and purchasing through their device. We're delivering broadcast-scale audiences, consumers who actively want to engage with companies and brands through their devices."

The report also suggests that many retailers aren't doing enough to market through the devices: more than two-thirds of respondents suggested that they would be opening to receiving more branded messages from service providers. 


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