National Tourist Appreciation Day: How Tourists Benefit Your Business

Posted by Karen Erdelac on May 1, 2019

sunset-242713_1280 National Tourist appreciation day is right around the corner. On May 6th, lets kick off the summer months by showing some love to the unsung heroes that come and go, but make an impact on our local life. In some places, tourists can be seen as a nuisance despite the many benefits they bring to their destination. Some people complain about them driving slow, crowding local places, language barriers etc. This Tourist appreciation day, and everyday for that matter, show the tourists in your area that you appreciate them and make them feel welcome! Here are a few ways that tourists benefit your business and your local area.

Preservation Of Culture And Resources

If your local area is home to a land mark, historic site, or even a body or water like a lake, river, or a beach, people will be inclined to visit. This destination will need to be preserved in order to keep people coming back.

City Beautification

When an area sees a boost in tourism, in order to keep it going, many cities will begin to develop further and clean up the once less desirable neighborhoods and marketplaces. This will have a positive impact on the value of your business.

More Customers

With tourism comes more customers. Whether they are stopping in to eat, shop, or sleep on the way to their destination, or your local area is their destination, tourism will bring in customers you would not have had otherwise. Regular customers are great, but when your business becomes a “Must Stop at” tourist destination, you will learn to love the ones you see less often even more.


Tourism brings outside money to your local economy. These funds can be used to build a better infrastructure, build schools. And develop areas that may not have been developed otherwise. Along with money directly benefiting your local area, your business benefits from tourism monetarily as well! The more business tourism sends your way, the more you stand to profit.

This tourism appreciation day, you can show your appreciation by doing a few simple things. One is to host an event or small give away. This doesn’t have to be a big to do. A small banner and some decorations can help your small business look festive, you could even supply a few complimentary grab and go snacks or desserts for tourists and customers visiting your establishment. Another way to show your appreciation of tourists is to directly thank them and talk to them about where they’re from. Continuing to make them feel welcome in your area will make them want to return, and tell their friends about their wonderful experiences.


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