Sterling Funding Is Now Quikstone Capital Solutions

Posted by Karen Erdelac on Jul 26, 2017

Sterling Funding Is Now Quikstone Capital Solutions.Quikstone Capital Solutions is now Quikstone Capital Solutions.

Our 12 year success as Sterling Funding is a result of our determination to remain true to our core businesses principles, these principles will not change as Quikstone Capital Solutions.

We will always:

  • Tell you the truth – act in your best interest, even if it costs us business
  • Find solutions - tell us your small business challenges and we will work with you to find solutions that protect your interests
  • Help you plan – we will support you and your business to maximize your return on your cash advance with solid ideas to generate more sales and profit

Many other companies in the industry charge additional fees, which are in the fine print of the contract. We do not. Other companies in the industry allow merchants to take out advances from multiple companies. This will often put a merchant out of business because their cash flow cannot support all the payments. We strictly prohibit this and advise against the practice. Other companies are bound by high sales goals and will write business just to get sales on the books, even if it’s not good for the merchant. We have no such directive. We only want to write business that makes sense for the merchant and us.

A word about our NEW LOOK:

Sterling Funding Is Now Quikstone Capital Solutions.Our dedication to every merchant’s success is now apparent in our new Quikstone Capital Solutions logo. The Citrine stone also known as the “Merchant Stone ” or “Success Stone ” it is known for attracting wealth, prosperity and all things good. It also assists in all money ventures and is especially helpful in finances and for commercial success. It is referred to as the “Merchant’s Stone ” for its properties to increase cash.

The merchant cash advance industry has recently undergone many changes. We assure you only our name has changed nothing else; we remain committed to our core principles and the desire to help you grow your business.

Our phone number is still the same (866) 456-5638. You are welcome to call us at anytime.

Quikstone Capital Solutions has been providing small business owners with merchant cash advances to stabilize and improve their companies for more than 10 years. If you are in need of a cash to cover unexpected costs, or if you’re looking to make long overdue improvements, a merchant cash advance could be right for you. With the ability to quickly qualify and get your money in a timely fashion, there is no more convenient option.Contact Us

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