The Lighter Side of Business

Posted by Karen Erdelac on Feb 1, 2016

The lighter side of businessWhen you think business, do you think of suits, briefcases and serious faces? Business does not have to be all serious numbers and marketing strategy. You shouldn’t live to work, but work to live! Some of the best aspects of owning and growing your business come from laughing and enjoying your employees and customers. Letting your fun side show through, especially during tough times, is a key part in motivating employees and pleasing customers. There are several ways to create a fun and engaging work environment.

Joke of the Day

Lightening the mood of a Monday morning with a work appropriate joke can be a great way to kick start productivity. As a business owner, showing your sense of humor is a great way to relate to your employees. Although the bottom line is always most important, enjoying the journey to success creates a better quality of life. Ask your employees to contribute their own jokes, it's a great way to encourage participation. Engaged employees tend to put more effort into their work than those who feel uninvolved with the business. Laughter is the best medicine, happy workers equal happy customers.

The lighter side of businessMake Fun of Yourself

Letting patrons see the lighter side of you will make you appear more approachable. Making fun of yourself can encourage open communication, which in turn, can make people more comfortable sharing ideas that may improve your business. Putting your ego aside is an essential part of creating solid employee relationships. This will help when it comes time to be serious or demanding of your employees. They will see you more as an equal rather than strictly a superior. Pointing out your own faults can soften the blow of constructive criticism.  Although you want to have a fun relationship with your workers, you want to ensure that they still respect you as their boss.

Surprise Your Customers

Surprising your customers with coupons, free samples and new menu items is a friendly gesture and will keep things exciting. The anticipation of something new or free is an incentive for customers to frequent your establishment. For instance, if a loyal customer shares a special occasion in your establishment, surprise them with a complimentary bottle of wine or a favorite appetizer.  This will create lasting memories and keep them coming back.  Offering free maintenance or products after an expensive service is another way to endear yourself to your customer.  Realizing when a customer is having a bad day and lifting their spirits with a compassionate gesture can separate you from the competition. 

Motivate Your Staff

Employee recognition will improve morale and let your employees know that you appreciate their efforts. Surprising your workforce with an unscheduled company excursion lets them know you are willing to go the extra mile to ensure their happiness. Highlighting the efforts of those that go above and beyond will motivate others to emulate those work habits.  Surprising your staff with incentives outside of your normal employee rewards programs will keep your workers motivated while performing smaller tasks that may not garner as much recognition.  Events such as birthdays and holidays are great opportunities to show your staff that you care.  Make sure you include everyone and stay consistent so you do not alienate other employees.

The Importance of “Keeping it Fun”

Today’s business world can be filled with stress from every angle.  Whether it be deadlines, expenses or just keeping up with daily tasks, it’s important to emphasize the fun and exciting parts of working as a team toward a common goal.  As a business owner, engaging your customers and staff creates a family atmosphere and makes your employees feel like they are a part of something great.  Motivated employees and satisfied customers will breed success throughout your business.

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