Transforming Your Retail Store Into A Green Business

Posted by Karen Erdelac on Apr 10, 2019

Transforming Your Retail Store Into A Green BusinessThere are many benefits to operating a green retail business.  It can limit your impact on the environment, save on energy costs and even drive new business.  It can also have a very positive impact on the image of your brand.  While going green may seem like a daunting task, it is easier than you think.


There are several ways to reduce your lighting costs.  Switching to energy efficient bulbs with new fixtures is the first step.  You can also install sensors and timers so the lights only stay on when someone is in the room.  This is a quick and easy way to begin your journey toward creating a green business. 

Heating And Cooling

Heating and cooling represent one of the biggest overhead costs for small businesses.  Taking steps to reduce these costs can have a tremendous impact on your bottom line.  Installing programmable thermostats, having your duct work sealed and cleaned and replacing outdated heating and air conditioning units can significantly reduce your energy bill.

Minimize Paper

While going completely paperless can be a tough task, every business can take steps toward reducing their paper use.  Offering email receipts, using online banking and using a cloud-based scheduling app are all great ways to significantly reduce your usage.  Additionally, using packaging made with recyclable materials is another way to make an impact.


Encouraging your employees to carpool is a great way to cut down on the overall carbon footprint of your small business.  Persuading them to use alternative transportation such as buses and bicycles can help as well.  Consider offering some kind of incentive for employees that choose one of these solutions.


Every plant that goes into the ground has a positive impact on our environment.  Wherever possible you should plant trees, flowers and anything else that fits the aesthetic of your establishment.  “Trees give off oxygen that we need to breathe. Trees reduce the amount of storm water runoff, which reduces erosion and pollution in our waterways and may reduce the effects of flooding. Many species of wildlife depend on trees for habitat. Trees provide food, protection, and homes for many birds and mammals.”


Schedule recurring company outings to clean up a beach or a park.  You can offer incentives to your staff for participating and even encourage your customers to join you.  This is a great way to get involved in your community, network with other business owners and endear yourself to your customer base.

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