Winning Small Business Saturday 2019

Posted by Karen Erdelac on Aug 27, 2019

Winning Small Business Saturday 2019Small Business Saturday has the potential to be very profitable and greatly increase the exposure of your company. Brand awareness and revenue are two of the primary objectives of small business owners on this day, however, there is more to it. Bringing awareness to the bigger cause of supporting small businesses and building relationships with your local community are at the heart of Small Business Saturday.  Here are several tips to plan and execute your Small Business Saturday strategy.

Launch Marketing Campaigns In September

Make it well known that your company will be participating in Small Business Saturday. Marketing materials should be prepared well in advance and a comprehensive written plan should outline every detail. A well-organized approach will help you bring in the right customers and gauge the effectiveness of each aspect of your campaign.

Leverage Creative Social Media Promotions

Many consumers turn to social media for special deals and promotions and Small Business Saturday is an excellent opportunity to reach this market. Posting coupon codes and “social media only” deals will help bring in customers and increase your overall social media presence.

Run Financially Responsible Sales And Contests

Consumer expectations of Small Business Saturday are similar to those of Black Friday as bargains are its biggest draw. Detailed accounting will be necessary to ensure your sales don’t cut too far into your profit margins. Contests and raffles are a great way to stage a giveaway at a relatively low cost. They will also help bring brand exposure and get people familiar with your products.

Host A Celebratory Event

If you have enough space you may consider holding an event to promote your savings and the importance of small business to the economy. If you don’t have the room, you may consider partnering with neighboring businesses to expand your event. Focus on the customer experience. Live entertainment, contests, games, food and beverages are all key ingredients in a successful event. As the owner you should host the event. This will put a face to the name of your company, which will encourage customer loyalty.

Extend Your Hours Of Operation

Opening your doors early and closing late will allow you to capitalize on shoppers at all hours. Some will go as far as having midnight sales that run only through the early morning hours. Organize your staff to ensure you can handle any possible rush in business. Offer incentives to employees that work overtime to encourage their participation.

Offer Extra Customer Rewards

If you already have a customer rewards system set up you should offer additional benefits for purchases made during Small Business Saturday. This will help you upsell additional products to already loyal customers. Be sure your rewards provide a true benefit to your customers. If your establishment doesn’t currently offer customer rewards, Small Business Saturday is a great time to start.

Make Charitable Donations To Local Causes

With the influx of business that comes with Small Business Saturday, it presents a great opportunity to give back to your community and other worthy causes. Not only will this help others, it will improve the reputation and recognition of your company in your local area. Additionally, offering to donate a percentage of sales can potentially increase the money spent per customer.

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