10 Bakery Trends For 2020

Posted by Karen Erdelac on Nov 5, 2019

10 Bakery Trends For 2020An increasingly health conscious consumer market has challenged bakeries to adapt to meet the needs of its customers. Additionally, the food industry has had to meet the amplified demand for personalization. Taking those factors into account, here we’ve compiled our top ten bakery trends for 2020.

Hybrid Desserts

Hybrids of popular desserts have become extremely popular and new combinations are being created all the time. From brookies (brownies and cookies) to croissant and donut hybrids, the possibilities are endless. Experimenting with combining some of your best sellers could result in a product that strikes a chord with consumers on a national scale and makes your bakery unique. 

Customizable Baked Goods

The trend of “have it your way” has been resonating through the food industry for years and it is showing no signs of slowing down. Traditionally, bakeries create their goods with very few options for customization, with the exception being wedding cakes. Giving more power to your customers to personalize their baked goods can help to create a unique niche and loyal following.

Superfood Infused

Finding ways to incorporate ingredients like acai berries, coconut, cacao, cauliflower and other superfoods into your baked goods can be mean a financial boon for your bakery. Simply being able to advertise that your products contain these ingredients will help bring people in the door.

Coffee And Tea Infused

Coffee and tea have been popular for thousands of years, however, there are very few baked goods that contain these items. Offering items like a coffee infused cupcake or a tea infused cookie can help to bring lovers of these drinks to the doorstep of your bakery. The key here, as with any other food item, will be to make them taste good.

Alcohol Infused

This is the lone item that carries over from last year’s list and will potentially find a place on this list for years to come. Alcohol infused treats are great for parties, weddings and even professional conferences. They add a fun layer to an already delicious treat and also offer great profit margins if priced correctly.

Plant-Based Protein Infused

Plant based proteins are finding their way into everything these days. The vegan market is not the only target with these ingredients. Offering sweet and savory baked goods that are also rich in protein can put your offerings in front of an entirely new market.


In order to thrive in the food industry these days your food not only needs to taste good, it needs to provide entertainment value. Piggybacking on trends such as gender reveal cakes and creating your own eatertainment experience can help your baker stand out from the competition.

Smoke And Savory

Bakeries have become extremely creative with their pastries and other sweet treats over the years while leaning on the traditional side of their breads and biscuits. Adding a touch of smokey or savory flavor to these items will create a unique profile that may appeal to a large niche audience.

Dark Chocolate

With all of the studies on the adverse effects of refined sugar, dark chocolate is one of the few sweet indulgences that many dieters allow themselves. There are many health benefits associated with dark chocolate, so exploring ways to include it in your recipes can help to get those consumers back into your shop.

Cannabis Infused

Depending on the laws in your state, the legality of such creations may or may not allow you to incorporate these dishes. If you’re one of the lucky ones, this could bring in new customers by the droves. The trick here is to bake goods where you can’t taste the cannabis, but still provides the desired effect.


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